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Dated: 03/20/2017

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Image titleIf you are planning to sell your home, spending some time sprucing up your front yard is a must when it comes to curb appeal. First impressions make lasting impressions, and when people look at photos of your listing, or come to view your home, you want your property to grab the attention of potential buyers, to get them interested in seeing what’s behind the door. But what do you do if you have a small front yard? You may think you are limited, but with a little creativity, the front of your home can still have the wow factor for curb appeal.

Some great tips to improve a small yard were recently published in RealtyTimes. The article focuses on ideas that can be done quickly and without a full redo of your landscaping. When it comes to preparing your home for the market, quick, smaller projects can have a big impact and be done in a short amount of time.

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 A sense of seamless symmetry can go a long way to not only make your yard feel bigger, it will be welcoming to potential buyers too. A symmetrical yard will have balanced elements on either side of walk ways, steps and the porch. If for example you have a slopped yard with steps leading up to your front porch, terracing your yard and planting a variety of plants, shrubs and flowers on both sides of the pathway, will keep your yard balanced. If you add in some potted plants along each side of the steps up to the porch, you can create an inviting entry to your home.

By including potted plants, you can also create more of a seamless transition from yard to home, which helps make your yard feel like it’s bigger than it is. Another easy way to create the wow factor in your curb appeal is to add some color with your potted plants too. Planting bright flowers in a range of colors will also enhance the vibrancy of your yard. The same can be done with hanging baskets of flowering plants along your porch. This is especially helpful if you are limited in planting space.

By brigImage titlehtening up the front porch and door you can also brighten up the yard. Adding in new light fixtures at your entry way and a fresh coat of paint on your door will add to the overall curb appeal of your yard. Lighting can help ensure walk ways are visible at various times for viewing, and are an added security benefit many prefer. Be sure to repair or consider replacing your door if there is a lot of wear and tear on it. Front doors are among the top home projects with a high Return on Investment. A new door can help in creating a more inviting entryway and pique the interest of potential buyers wanting to see more.  

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home will help attract potential buyers. Whether you have a smaller or larger yard, any of these quick improvements ideas can help you achieve the wow factor you need to make your listing stand out. Whether you are ready to buy or sell your property, my team and I are ready to work with you together through the entire process. Our goal is to help you succeed, making your experience a positive one. Contact our office today at (973) 539-6300, call my cell at (973)-769-1563, or by email me at

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