Bang it up in Pt Pleasant Beach

Dated: 08/03/2012

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Thursday nights are full of fun and Fireworks in Pt Pleasant Beach. Make it a 3 day weekend, heading south after work on Thursday, beating that weekend traffic. 

If you possibly can, take a ride to one of Jersey Shores BEST attractions.... Jenkinson's Boardwalk and the Thursday Night Fireworks! They start around 9:15pm. They run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

You can stay the night in a nearby Hotel (call in advance for reservations as they book up early). You can even stay at a Hotel outside of Pt. and save a few bucks, then come back to the beach on Friday! As you head home on Friday night you can wave at all the traffic coming south!! 

Walk the boards (boardwalk), play the games, get dizzy on the rides, eat some ice cream, and make the best of a great time at the Shore.

Why not make the time if you can, because the weather has been cooperating. If you have the wheels and a few bucks you'll be able to make some great memories.  Just do it!

The beach is always a great place to unwind, relax and enjoy all the goodness of what life has to offer. There's nothing like the smell of the Atlantic Ocean, sausage peppers and onions simmering on the grills, and all the desserts one person can handle. 

Ending the night with the Fireworks is a Grande Finale to the day. The show lasts about 30 minutes and is voted the best on the Jersey Shore. It's definitely not cheesy. 

So, don't delay much longer... summers almost over and you'll loose that bang for your buck!

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