Bon Appetit in Westfield NJ

Dated: 07/18/2012

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Downtown Westfield hosts many fabulous restaurants where you can enjoy a fine meal.  However, if you are like me, occasionally you feel the inner chef and decide that you can also serve up a wonderful meal at home.

For those of us who need a little help, there are quite a few places in Westfield that we can go to learn how to make home cooked food spectacular.

If you are really after a full cookery course, Classic Thyme on South Avenue West will have a cooking class that will teach you anything your heart desires to learn.  They even have summer cooking camps where you can have your kids learn to cook for you!  Williams Sonoma on Central Avenue also are providing weekly cooking classes.  I'm very tempted to attend the one at the end of July that will teach you how to make the most of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available right now.  There's also the Savory Spice Store on East Broad Street - they have small cooking demonstrations and I've attended both that the chef from Chez Catherine has given.  I may never cook like him, but I love the free tastes that accompany the class.  It's also a great place to purchase all those spices and peppers he talks about.

If you're looking for truly fresh and amazing produce to enable you to produce this amazing meal, we are lucky enough to have Trader Joe's right in town on Elm Street.  They carry some really unique grocery items as well.  Alan's Orchard on Quimby street also carry a lot of produce that are fresh from the New Jersey farms.  And then, of course, you can visit the Farmers' Market every Saturday in July and August.

So set up the kitchen and prepare to deliver your family a great meal.  If it's not as successful as you hoped, as I said before, there's some great restaurants in Downtown Westfield!

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