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Good credit is critical when it comes
to obtaining the best interest rates
and terms on a mortgage.

Here are some credit do's and don'ts
when looking for a mortgage.

Do Stay Current On Existing Accounts One 30-day notice can cost you.

Do Continue To Use Your Credit As Normal Changing your pattern will raise a red flag and lower your credit score.

Do Call Your Mortgage Professional Below before making any address or credit changes.

Don't Apply For New Credit Every time you have your credit pulled by a potential creditor or lender, you can lose points from your credit score. This includes co-signing for a loan.

Don't Close Credit Card Accounts If you close a credit card account, it may appear that your debt ratio has gone up. Closing a card will affect other factors in the score, including credit history.

Don't Max Out Credit Cards Try to keep your balances 30% below their limit during the loan process. If you pay down balances, do it across the board.

Don't Pay Off Collections Or 'Charge-Offs'
If you want to pay off old accounts, do it through escrow. Request a 'letter of deletion' from the creditor.

Don't Consolidate Your Debt When you consolidate all of your debt onto one or two credit cards, it will appear that you are 'maxed out' on that card and you will be penalized.

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    Hi Susana can you contact me regarding on how to obtain a mortgage? Thank you..

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