Cool Holiday Crafts For Kids 7 Videos Show How To Make Them All

Dated: 11/05/2013

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Cool Holiday Crafts For Kids
7 Videos Show How to Make Them All

Cool Holiday Crafts For Kids 7 Videos Show How to Make Them All
When the kids are getting restless over winter break, or you're just looking for fun ways to spend time together, look no further than these awesome instructional YouTube videos.
Cool Cup O' Turkey. The standard paper hand turkey gets a major facelift this year as artist and fashion designer Mariah Montgomery shows how to make a cool turkey, plumage and all, from paper cups and popsicle sticks.
Difficulty: All Ages (swap out the stapler for glue sticks with younger kids)

Make a Holiday Stocking
. What holiday mantle would look complete without stockings? Personalized stockings give your children a project that will let them "show off" their unique personality each year.
Difficulty: All Ages (except the sewing machine part!)

Make 3-D Snowflakes to Wow Your Friends
. The only thing cooler than a 3-D snowflake is the kid who knows how to make one!
Difficulty: Ages 6+

Holiday Crafts
. Turn the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels into beautiful holiday candles, miniature carolers, and a snowman using all the same materials ... and more.
Difficulty: All Ages

Hanukkah Star of David Box Craft
. Ever wonder what you can make with 150 popsicle sticks? After this video from, you'll know! You'll also have some very cool, usable art to store your art supplies.
Difficulty: Ages 6+

Craft Club's Tube Menorah Craft Video
. Another great holiday idea for cardboard tubes--make a menorah in 14 simple steps.
Difficulty: All Ages

Craft Club's Kwanzaa Kinara Craft Video
. Craft Club always delivers on clever craft ideas and this Kwanzaa Kinara, a candleholder craft that will last all 7 days of the holiday, is no exception.
Difficulty: All Ages

Christmas Crafts for Kids
. Cherie Donohue, a mother and former elementary school teacher, instructs how to make a reindeer holiday card from handprint painting, and a wreath made from craft tissue paper.
Difficulty: All Ages

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