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Dated: 03/07/2013

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If you are considering placing your home on the market, it would be in your best interest to plan before you list it.  Some basic no and low-cost options can reap big rewards when you go to sell your home.  Making a small time investment to prepare your home for sale can help you maximize how much you get for your home and minimize the time it’s on the market.

In order to put your best foot forward, start with de-cluttering.  Make sure that any papers are neatly put away and that magazines are nicely displayed and not scattered about.  If you have toys, corral them with bins or boxes.  Don’t overlook your refrigerator!  Take down any notes and pictures and leave out only what you truly need to live.  If you prepare your house for sale with all this de-cluttering, it will only be a short time that you will have to live this way so keep that in mind.

It is also helpful to depersonalize your home.  You want potential buyers to see themselves in your house and seeing your family photos will make that difficult.  While those personal pictures and items make you feel at home, it will make it harder for the potential buyers to envision living there.  Again, the short term un-homey feeling you might have may end up being the little thing that makes a difference in making your home more attractive to buyers.

Doing basic exterior maintenance and organization is another key activity prior to listing your home.  The curb appeal begins the moment your home comes into view by the potential buyers.  Take a good look at your home with a critical eye.  Do the bushes need trimming?  Are the flower pots full of weeds?  Is the paint chipping on the front door?  By investing some time, elbow grease, and perhaps a little money for paint, you can easily improve the curb appeal of your home, draw buyers into your home, and get the sale price you want.

If you would like guidance with how to do any of the above, or if you're already done with the preparations and you're ready to list your home, please contact me at at your earliest convenience so that I can get your home sold.

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