Going Back to School

Dated: 08/18/2012

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The end of summer is approaching and it's nearly school time again!  Some kids feels a little excited to be back in the routine of things and others have that sinking feeling that freedom and fun is over.

For those starting school, the biggest trauma is generally saying goodbye to the parent.  It can take time to get over that separation anxiety, while others take to it like ducks to water.  Most teachers start off gently and introduce themselves and talk about all the great stuff the kids will be doing in the coming year.  Kids who have attended some sort of pre-K education are generally at a little advantage as things don't feel quite as strange. 

Middle School brings a whole other group of hurdles - they may think they know the ropes, but now there's lockers to negotiate and possibly a homeroom.  Kids who move from classroom to classroom during the day generally find it challenging at first.  They are often late for classes because they got lost or have forgotten something they need in that strange, new locker.  It will help them become better organized but they have to hang on in there.

The first day of school tends to be a challenge but a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast will help.  Let them know to try their best, but that it will take time.  It seems a long road from Kindergarten to College, but looking back, it's over in the blink of an eye!

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