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In one of the nation’s oldest states, the New Jersey real estate market offers pre-constructed and new homes to suit the needs and preferences of any potential buyer. Though every buyer is unique, what many have in common is their struggle with the dilemma of choosing between an existing and custom built home. If you’re currently faced with one such decision, take a quick look at the pros and cons below. Making up your mind may be easier than you think!

Pre-constructed Homes:

An existing home can offer the advantage of upgrades installed by former owners. Improvements like roofing, carpeting and window replacement that were previously completed can take a great Deal of stress away from your new life as a homeowner. Some existing homes may include more luxurious amenities like swimming pools, finished rec rooms and spa bathtubs, which, if included in the listed purchase price, will be available to you at a rate much lower than what you would spend to have them installed brand new.

Custom Built Homes:

Building your home from scratch obviously gives you 100% control. Every detail and feature is up to you which is wonderful for a highly detail oriented person. If you think you’d become overwhelmed, perhaps finding an existing home that fits your personal style would be best for your first purchase.

Which Option?

There are a few things to consider with each option. Do you take complete charge and build your home from the ground up? Although the custom home process takes much longer than the alternative, there’s no doubt that the feeling of living in that space would be extremely rewarding. Pre-constructed homes may be a bit less work in the beginning but you do run the risk of potential maintenance issues that may not arise until long after you’ve closed on the property. Ultimately, you’ll want to decide on the home that fits best with your finances. Luckily, with all of the options available in New Jersey, your possibilities will be pretty endless.

Which would you choose?

 If you’ve already purchased your home, we’d love to hear which option you went with and why. Comment below!

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