Dated: 11/06/2012

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In Ocean County, now there are NO rentals available and the waiting list grows. Anywhere inland rentals were scooped up, sight unseen. 

In Monmouth and Middlesex it's getting to be the same situation. 

Since alot of the homes along the ocean front and the barrier islands have become year round residents, and most all of the homes along the lagoons and bays are year round, there are thousands of people displaced.

Trying to find a rental at this time is becoming impossible. 

Seems as if alot of people are turning to purchasing homes, so the inventory is going down FAST. So many of the homes showing availability have MULTIPLE offers in.

Where we may have had a lull in buyers in the last month, some speculating that the Election may have something to do with it, it's a different story now. 

If you were thinking of moving to a new rental location so it's a better commute, and procratinated, best of luck now. You will need to go on a waiting list for properties that may become available or just stay put and be thankful you have a home to live in.  

If you are considering a new home purchase you'd better get out there, look at any places that interest you and put an offer in ASAP as homes in better condition will NOT last.

It's a tragedy what has happened to many of New Jersey's beautiful oceanfront homes. Yes, they will be rebuilt and help our local economy. For some it may be too much and decide to just sell the land, move inland. There may be some good opportunities for those looking to purchase homes devastated, and rebuild them to their prior condition or even stronger!

Who would think Hurricane Sandy would have boosted NJ real estate? Inland anyway....

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