Just Hanging in Westfield NJ

Dated: 08/08/2012

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I was in downtown Westfield last night for the Jazz festival - it's every Tuesday night in August: free and a great place to hang out.  There are 4 different locations around downtown and you can wander from one to another and just enjoy the music.

But I was thinking, where in Westfield is a good place to hang out and meet some friends?  Turns out there are several.  If you are looking for alcohol to accompany this pursuit, you can visit:

16 Prospect Wine Bar on Prospect Street.  On North Avenue, there's The Office Beer Bar which is a lively place with a busy bar.  Jeffrey's on Central Ave also has a nice bar to the side and there's a restaurant if hunger strikes.

My two favorite places are minus alcohol but offer great coffee.  These are Rock'n Joe on Prospect Street where you can lounge in big chairs and often listen to music and Chocolate Bar on Quimby Street who offer wonderful coffee and forbidden pleasures.

So next time you're making arrangements to meet friends and "just hang," consider Westfield NJ.

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