Mexican Food Wars in Westfield

Dated: 07/31/2012

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Ok, so now there are three contenders for the best Mexican food in Westfield, with the most recent entry being Chipolte, which compliments the existing Qdoba and Tinga.  Both Chipolte and Qdoba are national chains without table service (cafeteria style).   Chipolte has a very, very basic menu with quality food ingredients, but with the basic menu, comes limited selection.   Qdoba which has been in Westfield for at least 5 years, offer a wider variety , including the favorite of mine, the pick two.  

As for Tinga, this restaurant is a local establishment with two other stores, one in Milburn and one in Montclair.   Tinga has a broad selection on its menu, including some of the largest burriitos I have seen, with a variety of tortillas (spinach tortilla is yummy, and has the appearance of being healthy).   Tinga also allows byob, and has frozen margaritas, both lime and mango waiting for your tequila.   And don't forget that Tinga has table service and desert.

For those of you who like to find a bargain, both Tinga and Qdoba have a frequend dining card that gets you a free meal once you have completed 8 to 10 visits.  See restaurant for details, and enjoy a bit of Mexico in the heart of Westfield.

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  • Posted by msteer
    Chipotle is far better then Qodoba or Tinga! Chipotle uses quality food that isint processed. You get what you pay for there at least

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