National Cheesecake Day In Westfield

Dated: 07/30/2012

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Whether you like it or not, today is National Cheesecake Day.  This news might not eclipse all the razzmatazz of The Olympics, but for cheesecake fans, it's a pretty bright spot in the year.  Every fan has a favorite and whether it's New York style or Italian, plain or covered with fruit, there's one that will please most pallettes.

If you'd like to celebrate this very important day, but like me, are not such a great fan of actually having to cook sweet things, there are several places around Westfield when you can purchase one of these treats without having to sweat away in a hot kitchen in July!

My favorite pastry shop Bovella's on East Broad offers an array of different cheesecakes, as well as other wonderful goodies.  I always feel I've gained 3 lbs just sniffing the air in the store.  But their pastries and cakes are well worth it.

Quite a few restaurants in Downtown Westfield also offer cheescake on their menu.  If you dine at Sweetwaters Steak House or Xocolatz, you'll generally find it available.

So make the most of today, stop worrying about calories - after all, it's National Cheesecake Day - support your local bakery!


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